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Invariable verbs in English

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English irregular verbs - part 1

Irregular verbs with invariable forms

Present Simple past
Past participle Notes
bet bet (or betted) bet (or betted)  
bid bid (or bade) bid  
burst burst burst  
cast cast cast and broadcast
cost cost cost  
cut cut cut  
hit hit hit  
hurt hurt hurt  
let let let  
put put put  
quit quit (or quitted) quit (or quitted)  
read read read  Note the sound changes: 
[ri:d],  [red], [red]
rid rid rid  
set set set and upset
shed shed shed  
shut shut shut  
slit slit slit  
spread spread spread  
thrust thrust (or thrusted) thrust  

The verbs wet and wed are sometimes listed as invariable, but this is not the case in modern English as past forms in -ed are as common, if not more common, than the old invariable forms

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