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Test : Present tenses in English

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Test yourself - present tenses    

A self-correcting multiple-choice test 

Choose the correct form to complete the following passage in good English. 

This week I
1a) work / 1b) am working / 1c) do work  
here in London, but usually  I 
2a) work / 2b) am working / 2c) do work 
in an office in Paris. I
3a) work / 3b) am working / 3c) do work  
here this week because my firm
4a) opens / 4b) is opening / 4c) does open
 a new office here next month.  My boss, Monsieur Dupont,
5a) not understands /  5b) understands not/  5c) does not understand  / 5d) is not understanding 
English very well, but we
6a) need /  6b) are needing
  to sign some complicated documents.  I
7a) like / 7b) am liking 
 to come to London, but I
8a) not like / 8b) do not like / 8c) am not liking / 8d) like not 
 the weather. Usually when I
9a) am coming / 9b) do come / 9c) come / 9d) comes 
 to London, I 
10a) stay / 10b) staying / 10c) am staying  
with some friends near Wimbledon : but this time I 
11a) stay / 11b) am staying / 11c) stays / 11d) staying 
in a hotel near Tower Bridge. This is better, as I 
12a) need not /  12 b) am not needing / 12c) not need / 12d) do not need 
to take the train every day.   

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