Grammar quiz - some any or no ? - English grammar practice

Interactive grammar quiz with answers

 Decide which word, from among some any or no must be used to complete each of the following sentences.  Click the button at the bottom to check your answers

Student's name (optional)   : 
  1. Mr. and Mrs. Brown have got    very clever children. 
  2.   of the students in my class come from Australia. 
  3. I have got a big problem; I haven't  got   money left .
  4. He likes    kinds of music, but he hates others.  
  5. You can hire your car from    company you like. 
  6. I'd rather have just £5 in the bank, than   money at all. 
  7.   students who want to take the exam again must sign up on line. 
  8. It's a good exhibition, and there are    very interesting pictures . 
  9. I think I need to drink    coffee, or I may go to sleep. 
  10. I don't think that     of the passengers were hurt in the accident. 
  11. It's OK !   of the children have got lost. 
  12. It is quite certain that there are icebergs in the Mediterranean. 

Your completed test should show up in a new window.
If it does, you can return to your original answers as often as you want and correct them if necessary.

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