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Question: Why does Linguapress show this information about cookies?
Answer:  EU privacy legislation obliges all websites that are usable in the European Union to notify users if "cookies" are used, and if they are used, how to accept them or to disable cookies that track details of the user.

Question: Does Linguapress collect personal details from users?
Answer: No, never

Question: Does Linguapress use cookies?
Answer: Yes, but not for advertising, and not to collect any personal details.

Question: So what cookies does Linguapress use?
Answer: Only the cookies that are needed in order to make page functions work (for example for interactive exercises) , and cookies that log anonymous statistical data (for example to let us know which pages are most popular).

Like all interactive websites, the website can only be used to its full by computers that accept cookies. 

Privacy : is GDPR-compliant, and does not track nor store any personal information about visitors to the site. does not maintain any form of online database, nor any mailing list, and does not transmit, give or sell any information to any third parties.  The only cookies used on are those that serve to record visitor statistics anonymously, and essential cookies that are there in order to enable certain page functions. To remove the cookie information box, just click , or alternatively you can set your browser to reject cookies. is an independent user-supported website that does not track visitors and carries very little advertising.
Some pages carry affiliate links to selected and relevant partner websites from which commission may be earned, at no cost to the user.
We show very few ads, and we do not allow intrusive popup ads anywhere on our pages.
The affiliate links and the few ads that are shown on certain pages are there to let users discover other relevant websites about languages and the English-speaking world, and at the same time help keep the service completely free.
Some of the external websites to which Linguapress shows hyperlinks use cookies to collect statistical information about your visits in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. Linguapress  is not responsible for the cookies that may be set by third party sites accessible through hyperlinks.
Block personalized ads from Google
To see how Google displays ads on your computer, visit Google Ads settings.

Block personalized ads from other ad networks

To block advertising networks from using your data to target you with personalised ads, visit


   Cookies are a standard Internet protocol; almost all websites use them, and they do not store personal information.
   They are tiny bits of code that are automatically sent to any computer connecting to a page of the website. cookies are essentially used for statistical purposes or to allow full use of exercises for students.

There are four main families of cookies:

strictly-necessary - these are vital for the operation of a website
functionality -  these record vital user preferences, such as the language of your  computer
tracking - these are cookies like Google Analytics which record statistical data showing visitor numbers and how users use a website. Linguapress uses the anonymized version of Google analytics which cannot identify specific computers.
Targeting - these are used in order to allow third-party sites to provide advertising that corresponds to your interests. Linguapress does not use targeted advertising. If Google shows targeted ads on your computer, it is because the ad network is already tracking you through other methods or websites.

    If you do not want cookies to be stored on your computer, you can instruct your browser to refuse them. However it is important to understand that blocking cookies will prevent interaction between computers, and disable certain browser functions, notably with regard to logging in, viewing the right pages in the right language, ecommerce and other operations requiring communication between computers.

For further information on blocking cookies using your browser settings, see 
Since Linguapress does not collect information about individual users, we use the special anonymized version of Google Analytics to track visitor numbers.
Google Analytics are reputedly used by over half of major websites in the world. Users can disable Google analytics cookies selectively by means of the tools available through their browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera etc.). Google uses cookies to collect statistical information about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you.  Your browser may also offer the option of blocking most advertising.
   Many pages on contain links to a small number of selected partner websites. While most of our partners also use anonymized analytics,  does not have any control over the cookies that may be set by third party sites accessible through hyperlinks. 

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Linguapress respects your privacy, and does not collect any personal data at all. We use GDPR-compliant cookies for purposes of anonymous statistical analysis and essential cookies to provide full page functionalities. To remove this message, please click . Otherwise you can set your own general cookie preferences, by clicking preferences