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Advanced level English 

Guide to levels:

Levels C1 and C2 (Proficiency)

levels 7 to 9
ACTFL  Levels Advanced-high – Superior

Resources for English teachers and for students with a good working knowledge of English, and a good understanding of essential vocabulary. Late high school, university, adult classes

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Free Advanced level English resources

Advanced level index:  English grammar  American themes British themes Short stories, word games

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Teachers: Reading comprehension texts are accompanied by exercises and classroom suggestions for use in class.

Topical :  Discover the life of the world's greatest physicist, Stephen Hawking   who died today 14th March 2018

1. Reading comprehension - articles on life and issues in the North America

Life in  America

People and society


Places and environment

2. Reading comprehension - articles on life and issues in the UK and Ireland

  • More resources coming

3. Technical English, short stories and word games

Technical English

Advanced English short stories and games home
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