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The story of Ellis Island - worksheet

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Complete these sentences with the appropriate prepositions 

Matching exercise:

Take one element from each column  to form a sentence, and add in an appropriate time clause  (e.g. "on 12th November 2008"). 
-  ever since the Declaration of Independence
-  saw 12 million immigrants
-  because of restrictive immigration laws
-  closed its doors
-  opened for business
-  disembarked on Ellis Island
-  was destroyed by fire
-  to build a federal immigration station
-  opened

-  Congress set aside funds
-  Franz and Ulrike Schumacher
-  the US has been a nation of immigrants
-  the new building
-  the new station
-  the French Renaissance style building
-  Ellis Island
-  immigration declined sharply
-  the Ellis Island Immigration Station 

Role Play Exercise:

Franz and Ulrike Schumacher have just arrived on Ellis Island: they are at last called to a desk, for the immigration formalities. The two immigration officers are going to ask them a whole lot of questions about their past and their future; they are also going to make some suggestions about where to go and how to set about doing things in the United States. They will also suggest the Schumachers anglicize their name; while Franz thinks this is a great idea, Ulrike has reservations.

    For the purpose of this role play, both the Schumachers speak English.

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