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EFL / ESL resources index : advanced English crosswords

Advanced themed vocabulary crosswords INDEX

 These thematic graded crosswords and other puzzles are meant for students of English as a foreign language or second language at advanced level. They are particularly designed for students in the final years of high school or in further education (grades 10-12 , sixth forms or adult learners) . Designed to develop or test vocabulary in specific fields, they generally use British English spelling (where it differs from American English), and were originally designed for students in European high schools or further education.

For teachers: See Using crosswords and word games in the English class

Advanced level English, themed EFL / ESL crosswords.

     NEW   interactive crosswords can be filled in on the screen - or printed too, of course.
  1. Airport Crossword  -  interactive 
  2. American crossword  -  interactive 
  3. Art and artists crossword -  interactive 
  4. British crossword   -  interactive 
  5. Business English crossword - 1   -  interactive
  6. Business English crossword - 2   -  interactive
  7. Communications crossword
  8. Cultural crossword
  9. Domestic round the house crossword interactive 
  10. Financial crossword
  11. Food and drink crossword  -  interactive 
  12. Geographical crossword
  13. Medical crossword 1     -  interactive 
  14. Medical crossword 2   -  interactive 
  15. Nature and natural world crossword   -  interactive 
  16. On the road: road travel crossword
  17. Shopping crossword   -  interactive
  18. Science crossword
  19. Sport crossword 1   -  interactive
  20. Sport crossword 2 - Olympic games
  21. Travel and holidays crossword   -  interactive 
  22. Weather crossword
  23. A Winter holiday letter to complete
  24.  Work and jobs crossword

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Printable and interactive crosswords

All Linguapress  crossword pages are "ready to print", i.e. set up for instant clear printing, generally on a single sheet of paper – though this may depend on browser and printer settings.

Some of the crosswords are now also interactive, meaning that they can be done online, on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

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