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Medical English CROSSWORD 1

A second medical crossword  - interactive vocabulary puzzle

Here is some more useful medical vocabulary to explore. Anyone can find themselves in hospital one day, and needing to explain things in English!
This second medical English crossword for students of English  will help you learn some essential medical vocabulary. Whether for you or for someone else, you never know when you may need it.
Interactive crossword - can be filled in on screen. Put in just one letter per square.
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8 9
10 11
14 15
16 17 advanced-level English crossword


1. A rigid structure enclosing your heart, lungs etc.
3 . This sometimes means medicine, but not always.
6 . A fluid that is contained in blood.
7 . To contaminate.
11. A place where people with serious medical problems aret reated.
13. Man or woman who cuts people open.
14. Powerful form of medicine; penicillin is one.
16. To close a cut or a wound with a needle and cotton.
17. Man or woman whose job is to care for the sick


2. The elements of a skeleton.
3. People qualified to practise medicine.
4. If you’re sick, you want to .......... better.
5. Vehicles for transporting sick or injured people.
8 . Surgical act carried out in a “theatre”.
9 . Portable structure for carrying the sick or the injured.
10. Protected against a disease or a virus.
12. Person who is undergoing treatment.
14. A very dangerous modern illness, also known as H.I.V.
15. An irritation, to irritate.


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