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 Intermediate English word games  

Index of intermediate English language learners word games

This list does not include Linguapress Intermediate English themed crossword puzzles.
For crosswords, jump to the Crossword puzzle index
  1. Word ladders & musical anagrams
  2. Missing words, mixed expressions and more
  3. Intermediate word games 3. Three more intermediate word games
  4.  Spot the differences game
  5. NEW  - Find the words.  How many words can you find in.... ?
  6. NEW   Round the square.  Find the buildings in this word square.
  7. Rhyming pairs - pair  words according to their sound -
  8. Similes with as -  a scrambled similes game
  9. Animal idioms- Which animal or bird for which idiom?
  10. Country proverbs - Match the proverbs with the meanings
  11. Colourful idioms - Which colour for which idiom?
  12. Food and drink idioms - Find the right product for each idiom
  13. Head and face idioms - Match the parts to the expression
  14. Easy word games page  183 (printable pdf page)
  15. Easy word games no 184 (printable pdf page)
  16. Easy word games no 185 (printable pdf page)
  17. Easy word games no 193 (printable pdf page)
  18. Easy word games no 211 (printable pdf page)
  19. Christmas word games no 212 (printable pdf page)
  20. Easy word games no 214 (printable pdf page)

More coming.... watch this space !

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