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 Intermediate word games mix - 1  


Fill in on screen..... Move from the top word to the bottom word in each ladder, changing only one letter each time, but making proper English words on each level. There are clues to help you find the three missing words in list one.
  If you think of a possible answer, but don't know if it exists, check it online or in a dictionary... and then learn it !

The mising words in list 1 are: the opposite of WAR /  somewhere / a flying machine.






All these words have something to do with music : but the letters have got mixed up. Can you find the right words?

GROAN       LUFTE       NECCTOR          MURDS        OPIAN       RAIGUT      ILOVIN        TEMPTUR      HONYPYMS    APEXSHOON

ANSWERS:  Try to finish the games without looking at the answers.  But if you really want to find the answers, you can find them here !

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