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A selection of other resources in graded English
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Advanced level reading :
Wall Street culture
Sport  the Yukon Quest - the world's toughest race
Tea and the British
Advanced level short stories:
Blue Gum Tree
Lucky Jim
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Intermediate resources :
The Beatles
The Loch Ness monster; is it real?
Sport: Sports, American style
Life in the country; the good life?
USA: Winter sports, USA
USA: Close encounters with a Twister  
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Selected grammar pages
Online English grammar
Nouns in English
Word order in English
Reported questions in English
Language and style 
Word stress in English
The short story of English

Intermediate English themed vocabulary crosswords INDEX

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These thematic graded crosswords and other puzzles have been designed for students of English as a foreign or second language, at intermediate levels. They are particularly aimed at students in grades 8 - 10, but also outside this grade level depending on students' progress in English.  Designed to develop or test vocabulary in specific fields, they generally use British English spelling (where it differs from American English), and were originally designed for students in European high schools..

Intermediate English, themed EFL / ESL crosswords.

  1. Anatomy crossword - parts of the body
  2. Animal crossword
  3. City life crossword
  4. Clothes crossword
  5. Communications crossword
  6. Food and drink crossword
  7. Geography crossword
  8. House and home crossword
  9. Music crossword
  10. New:  Opposites crossword
  11. Outdoor activities crossword
  12. Parts of the body crossword
  13. School crossword
  14. Sports crossword
  15. Summer crossword
  16. New:  Travel  crossword
  17. You've got mail : fill in the blanks crossword

►Intermediate English, other word games.

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