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Themed vocabulary crossword -

A themed vocabulary crossword for intermediate level students of English
The clues and the answers will help you explore the vocabulary of

If you can finish this crossword without any help, you're doing well; but you'II probably need to use a dictionary for someof the answers.  Clues below.


 Interactive crossword - can be filled in on screen. Put in just one letter per square. To save your result take a screenshot

1 2 3 4
5 6
7 8
9 13 10
11 12 13
14 15
16 17
18 19
20 intermediate crossword


2.   The latest, most appreciated style of clothes.

5. Don't force the zip, ______ broken!

8.  Clip used to hold clothing on a washing line.

9.   Girls and women may wear them on their legs.

12.   There's a hole ___ my pocket.

14.   Not synthetic.

16.   It looks a bit like a skirt but men wear it in Scotland

18.  Common form of clothing worn by women.

20.   Collective word for clothes worn next to the skin (e.g.vest, pants)



1.    Worn round the neck, usually by men.

3. The type of man who might
    wear 16 across.

4. An _______coat is a big heavy winter coat.

6. Garment worn by most men and some women.

7. Trousers that do not come as far as  the knee.

10. Expensive thread produced by a small worm.

11. To put ___ clothes.

13. To be the same, or to go well together.

15. Worn by people in the kitchen.

17. If you have the right ________, you may get the right answer.

19. He wore a jacket and tie, ______ a long skirt

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