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Themed vocabulary crossword -

A themed vocabulary crossword for intermediate level students of English as a foreign language (EFL), or English as a second language (ESL).   Most of the words in this crossword have something to do with parts of the body, or clothes. If you can finish the crossword with no help, you're doing well; but you'II probably need the help of a dictionary for some of the answers.
Intermediate English crossword -body
bodybuilder cartoon


2.    Half way down your arms.

5.    Wear one when it's cold. 

7.    At the end of your arms.

10.    What you hear with.

11.    What you see with.

13.    Opposite of "fronts"

17.    Little white things in your head that bite. 

18.    This grows on your head.

19.    Sort of cord worn round the neck.

20.    If your clothes are dirty, ......... them!

22.    Do all British schoolkids wear uniforms?

23.    It is sometimes worn by Scotsmen.


1. The underneath of a shoe.

3. Flesh, skin, bones, muscle, the lot.

4. Often worn between a vest and a pullover.

6. In winter, people often get a sore ..........

8. Between head and body. 

9. What your eyes do. 

12. Small round object, used to hold things together. 

13. Strip of leather worn round the waist.

14. Side of the face, pink when it's cold.

15. Type of woollen scarf sometimes worn by  ladies over their shoulders

16. What you kiss with. 

21. Pronoun for a man.

Click here to see the solution (after you've done the crossword)
This resource is © copyright Linguapress 2000-2017.
Originally published in Freeway, the Intermediate level English newsmagazine
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Body and clothes crossword - Originally published in Freeway, the Intermediate level English newsmagazine.
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