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Intermediate  EFL / ESL resources :  crosswords

Mail Crossword

Themed vocabulary crossword -


 A thematic crossword for intermediate level students of English as a foreign language (EFL), or English as a second language (ESL).  
Fill in the blanks in the letter below, to complete the crossword .  "d" after a number means "down" "a" after a number means "across".
To Paul and Elsa

________(8) Paul and Elsa,
I've decided to _________ (13d) to you today, as I haven't written for almost a _________(15). I'm going to spend my  holidays with my uncle and ________(3a) who ______(2) in Scotland. I last visited them over three years ____(3d). Right now I'm really _________(5a) like taking a good holiday. This ______(4) at college has seemed very very long. At present, I've got lots of reading to do before the week is (6 )__________;  , and the _________(13a) has been terrible! Nothing but rain! I wonder if it'll ______(16) stop! I hope things will be ________(18) after the holidays!
    We're driving up to Scotland on Friday,  leaving here ____(10) 6 a.m., so I hope the _______(14) are not too busy!  Sunday will be very noisy; my uncle and ______(3a) live beside a ________(11) with some very loud bells!
    Last time I went to Scotland it snowed the day we arrived, but it all  _______(7) the day after! And that was in April!  There's often snow in that ______(17) of Scotland;  Sam says it's going to be hot this time, but (9a) ______ time he tries to predict the weather, ____(12) gets it wrong! If he ______(1) you it's going to be cold, it's usually warm!
    Well I hope you are enjoying yourself these days! Please give my best wishes to everyone in your ________(5d). I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon,
    All the best,

Click here to see the solution (after you've done the crossword)
© Copyright Linguapress 2021.  Updated from a resource originally published in 2001 in Freeway, the Intermediate level English newsmagazine.
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Conditions of use:
YOU CAN... Students are encouraged to print this resource for personal use; Teachers can make multiple prints of this resource for classroom use with their students.
YOU CANNOT.... No copying of this resource to any other printed document is permitted. Reproduction of this resource on any other website (including school websites) is both forbidden and pointless, since this page is freely accessible to all - worldwide. If you want others to see this resource, just link to this page.
Use by teachers..
In schools declaring the source of copied materials to a national copyright agency, Linguapress intermediate level crosswords and resources should be attributed to "Freeway" as the source and "Linguapresss, France" as the publisher.  Multicopiage en France: en cas de déclaration CFEDC par l'établissement, document à attribuer à "Freeway", éditeur "Linguapress".
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