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Themed vocabulary crossword -

A themed vocabulary crossword for intermediate level students of English
Most of the answers to this crossword have something to do with the subject travel.

If you can finish this crossword without any help, you're doing well; but you'II probably need to use a dictionary for some of the answers.  Clues below.


 Interactive crossword - can be filled in on screen. Put in just one letter per square. To save your result take a screenshot

1 2 3 4
8 9 10
13 14 15
16 intermediate crossword


1.  A long-distance bus

5.  It is often confused with a kayak

6.  Where you will find trains.

7.  The front end of a ship..

9.  A large ocean-going passenger ship

11.  Easyjet is one. So are Aeroflot or Air India.

12.  The way out (from a building or from a big highway)

14.  An Airbus is one, so are most Boeings

17.  The opposite of departure


1.  Mobile homes pulled behind cars.

2.  This is the last ________ for flight BA 520 to London. Please go to gate 33 at once..

3.  Direction

4.  It could be a Harley Davidson, or maybe a Kawasaki

5.  A bedroom on a ship.

8.  The person behind the steering-wheel of a car.

9.  You can't board a plane unless your name is on the passenger ______

10.  Before you take the plane, you _____ to buy a ticket.

13.  British Airways

15.   Please, I want to go ___ London


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