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Geographic Crossword

Themed vocabulary crossword -

A themed vocabulary crossword for intermediate level students of English as a foreign language (EFL), or English as a second language (ESL).   Most of the words in this crossword have something to do with the subject of geography. If you can finish the crossword with no help, you're doing well; but you'II probably need the help of a dictionary for some of the answers.
Linguapress Intermediate crossword - geography


1.  Direction of the sunset.

3.    The opposite of no. 1

7. Very wet ground indeed.

11. Smaller than a town.

12. Hole in the ground from which minerals are extracted.

14. A large area of trees.

18. Shorter synonym of "island".

20. Height above sea level.

21. It is cut from the ground, and it burns; but it isn't coal.



2.    Small ocean.
4. Small water course.
5. As dry ____ a desert.
6. Large area of fresh water.
8. The Thames is one; so is the Mississippi.
9. If they were bigger, we'd call them mountains.
10. A wall holding back a large volume of water.
13. There is a pole here.
15. The rise and fall of the ocean.
16. Opposite of "dry".
17. A plan of the land.
19. Same as 2.

Click here to see the solution (after you've done the crossword)
© Copyright Linguapress 2017.  Updated from a resource originally published in 1996 in Freeway, the Intermediate level English newsmagazine.
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