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Bull in a china shop - Linguapress.comThere are lots of well known expressions in English, which use the names of animals or birds in a figurative way. Here are some expressions, followed by their meanings: find the right animal for each expression, from the list given.

Here are the birds and animals to fit in... There are 11 words in this list, but only 10 idioms, so one of the words will not be  needed !

  •     To have a  of a time. To have a really good time.
  •     It's the last straw that breaks the 's back. Even a very small thing can make the difference between enough and too much.
  •     He's like a  in a china shop.  He's very clumsy, he keeps breaking things.
  •     A  in the hand is worth two in the bush. It's better to be content with something small but certain, than to count on something bigger that you haven't yet got.
  •     Don't let the  out of the bag!  Don't tell anyone! It's secret!
  •     To make an  of yourself. To appear extremely stupid or ridiculous.
  •     It's the early  that catches the worm.  If you get somewhere before other people, you'll get a better choice.
  •     It's like water off a 's back to him. He is not in the least bit concerned or worried by it.
  •     That's really put the cat among the s. That's really caused a lot of (unnecessary) argument or trouble.
  •     He really made a  of himself. He really ate more than he should have done.

Answers:  No answers here; ask your teacher, or your classmates, or check up these expressions online.

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