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 On the Road CROSSWORD

Thematic vocabulary EFL resource

Expand your vocabulary - a thematic crossword for students of English as a foreign language, or English as a second language. Most of the answers to the crossword have something to do with road travel. 

on the road crossword


1.    A car park in American English (7,3)
7.    What is often designated by a red flashing light.
9.    The English say "boot", but the Americans call it a ....
10.    _________ speed when approaching a bend.
12.    Number of headlamps on most cars.
14.    Before moving, you must turn _____ the engine.
17.    Where cars drive.
19.    System used to detect speeding vehicles.
21.    Flashing light that shows a car is turning.
23.    A double yellow line in Britain means "___ parking".
24.    You must stop ___ red lights
25.    Don't go here if you're driving !
26.    I'm lost. What's the _____ to London?
28.    On most cars, fifth gear is called _____ gear.
30.    Found on your instrument panel, e.g. for petrol.
31.    The way in which one is travelling; the way to a place.


1.    Person on foot.
2.    Road avoiding a city centre (4,4)
3.    Something to be careful of in winter.
4.    Metric volume of petrol used in Britain.
5.    In Britain it's a lorry, in the USA it's a ...............
6.    What you can do on 3, if you're not careful.
8.    Intersection with circular movement of traffic.
11.    Half of DOOR
13.    If your battery's flat, your car ______ start.
15.    Trailer for living in.
16.    Between a car and a lorry.

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