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The answers to this crossword have something to do with sport, and in particular with the Olympic games..

Olympic crosswordCLUES ACROSS

2. System of pre-selection to choose athletes for some sports

7. The Olympic Games are shown ________ on TV all round the world.

8. They get gold.

10. Initials of a country that was for a long time banned from the Olympics because of its apartheid. 

11. Place where certain athletics events, like one kind of polo, take place

13. Speak

15.  Olympic athletes often try to break them..

18. The 100m is one, so is a marathon

19. You need this if you want to buy tickets.

20. The twenty-third man on a football pitch.

24. Type of footwear worn by some competitors at the winter Olympics.

26. This cross-country motorbike sport is not part of the Olympic Games.


1. Instrument used in archery.

2. One Olympic variety of this sport is played on a table.

3. Surface on which one form of hockey is played.

4. A city in California where the 23rd Olympiad took place .

5. The Olympic torch is always _____ at Mount Olympus in Greece..

6. Something that Olympic athletes dream of winning.

7. To walk unevenly because of an injury.

10. Nowadays tickets for Olympic events are ______ online..

11. A sport practised at the Winter Olympic Games

12.  Competition between two people or two teams.

14. Circuit on which athletes run.

16. The number of people in a "single" kayak

17. Rapidity

21. Number of years between summer Olympiads.

22. A sprinter _______ very fast.

23. Where footballers try to put the ball.

24. Therefore

25. Morning time.

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