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In Britain, it is said, the main subject of conversation is "the weather". And it's a pretty common subject of conversation in the USA and many other countries too. So make sure that you can join in the conversation when you go to Britain, or meet people from Britain. You'll probably need a dictionary or the Internet to help you find some of the answers

Weather crosswordCLUES ACROSS

1. A white covering on the ground, which is not snow

3. They blow.

5  El Niño affects ____________ conditions over a large part of the world .

10. A violent and noisy meteorological event 

12. It ________ so heavily that the road was flooded

13.  To rain very hard.

14.  Sudden short burst of wind.

16.  In summer most people prefer this kind of weather.

18. A prediction of the weather for the coming day or days.

19. The rain falls out of it.


2. A measurement of heat.

3. More than just humid.

4. More than just warmth.

6. It gets hotter faster than the sea does .

7. A visible mass of water vapour in the sky.

8. (A measure of) dampness..

9. Short periods of rain

11. It provides us with light in the daytime.

13. To rain very hard (but not the same as 13 across)

15.  The melting of snow.

16. People wear them when no.11 is too strong

17. You cannot see very far through this

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