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Shops and shopping  - thematic vocabulary EFL resource

Expand your vocabulary - a thematic crossword for students of English as a foreign language, or English as a second language

shopping crossword


1.    What you must do before you take your purchases from the shop!

2.    Some shops offer free ________ of goods to your home, if you spend enough money!

5.    What people usually pay with.

7.    Goods in a shop, ready to be sold.

9.    An article which is being promoted at a cheaper price than usual (7,5)

11.    Structure behind which the shopkeeper stands in a traditional small shop.

13.    Following... or the name of a fashionable English clothes shop.

14.    In England, very few shops ______  for lunch-time.

16.    Cardboard container.

17.    Personal journal: many people buy one before Jan. 1st.

18.    Wheeled container used by shoppers in supermarkets.


1.    Puts things into a container.

3.    A tax on things you buy in a shop in Britain (initials).

4.    The desk where one pays, before leaving a shop. (5,3)

6.    A shop which has multiple branches in different places (5,5).

7.    Taken without being paid for.

8.    Also called "plastic money" (6,4)

10.    Container for putting your shopping in.

12.    To sell directly to the general public.

15.    The opposite of "do".    

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