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 BUSINESS ENGLISH crossword - 1 

boardroom cartoonA thematic crossword for students of English as a foreign language, or English as a second language. Most of the answers to the crossword have something to do with the world of business and commerce.


1.    Boss, man in charge of a company.
5.    Something a businessman may take, and lose
7.    Trade, buying and selling things
9.    Speak
10.    "...... well" means "be successful".
11.   Buy
12.   Animal.
13.    Reserve of unused or unsold goods.
14.    Very bad period of recession for industry and trade.
15.    A written agreement.
17.    Opposite of "closes".
20.    Labour organisations in industry.
21.    Neither ... / ...
22.    To manage, to organise.
23.    To come together in the same place.
24.    Man to whom a family business is often given.
Medical crossword


2.    Abbreviation often found after the name of an American corporation.
3.    Part of a building.
4.    Essential equipment in most firms today.
5.    Selling to the general public; opposite of "wholesale".
6.    Man who sells.
8.       Opposite of poor.
10 .    A reduction in the usual price.
11.    A share.
12.    To repeat something, usually in written form, in order to be certain.
14.    Reserves (different word from 13 across).
16.    Something of positive value.
18.    To make money.
19.    Do this to a letter, to make sure it arrives!
Click here for the solution (but do the puzzle first!)    Or try another business English crossword

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