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 BUSINESS ENGLISH crossword - 2  

A second thematic crossword on the subject of business, for students of English as a foreign language, or English as a second language.
Business crossword


boardroom cartoon
4. Uninteresting.
8. Travel to work  ___________ before the crowds.
9. You can pay now ___ later.
10. Personal Assistant, or per year.
12. Middle of city.
14. To publicise.
17. Us as a subject.
18. These CD’s cost £19.99 _______
20. Designates an incorporated company in the
United States
22. Documents indicating how much must be  paid.  
23. Minimum.
25. Businessmen usually wear them; but they could be links too.
27. Owed.
29. People working in offices, often women.
30. Table to work at in an office
31. Remain


1. _______ cost; cost after all additions
and deductions have been  made.
2. Same as 9 across.
3. Once common, these machines have now
disappeared from most offices.
4. You can order ____ phone or online.
5. Put up (prices, for example).
6. Do people use dollars in Britain?
7. Diagram showing how figures have  evolved.
11. Most banks ______ closed on  Sundays.
13. The British even drink it in the  office!
15. To tell a personal assistant exactly what to write.
16. Synonym of 22.
19. A piece of paper accepted as payment in place of cash.
21. Firm, business organisation.
24. If you are _______, you may not go to work.
26. We ___________ you our price list last week.
27. To compose a telephone number!
28. Oil company, called Exxon in the USA.
29. Series.

 Click here for the solution (but do the puzzle first!)  

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