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A New English Grammar - American edition

Modern English Grammar by example

New English Grammar -American edition

  NEW !  American English grammar 
( For British English edition see  Descriptive Grammar of English)
A new English Grammar - American edition
Modern English Grammar by example
Andrew Rossiter - 2021 - 207 pages
 ISBN-13: 9791069977631
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CRITICAL REVIEW of this edition

This useful reference.... will make for a significant and appreciated companion to the majority of ESL textbooks or American English grammar books for students involved in the complexities of learning English as their second, third or fourth language. .
Reviewed by CATESOL, the California TESOL association 2022

And some Critical reviews of the standard British-English edition of this book

A useful reference book ..... The clarity of explanations and wealth of examples, alongside helpful visual keys, provide both new and experienced teachers with something easy to dip into, regardless of the language level they are teaching..
Reviewed in EFL Magazine. 2021
A Descriptive Grammar of English  contains much to recommend it. If you are looking for an affordable e-book or a more accessible reference, this could be for you (or your students).
Reviewed in English Australia journal. 2021
A New English Grammar, American edition, is a new and revised edition of the author's acclaimed Descriptive Grammar of English, which focuses primarily on British English usage.
   The new American English version is essentially the same book, but with priority given to American English usage in those cases where American English differs from British English. Perhaps more importantly for a book that gives visual prominence to examples of how grammar is used, many of the examples have been changed for the purposes of the American edition, to better reflect life and culture in the United States.
  With its copious examples and clear explanations, this is a book that explains and illustrates all the important points of English grammar, making it ideal for high school and college English Language Arts teachers and their students, and also for teachers and students of English in the context of ESOL.
   On the basis of contemporary American usage, it extrapolates clear rules and principles, while avoiding much of the confusing linguistic jargon that characterizes many currently available Grammar books.

Distributed by Ingram, this book is available to buy or order as a paperback from all good US bookstores, or online through Barnes & Noble, Amazon,   Betterworld books, Blackwells,  and other outlets.
Available online and through good bookstores worldwide including Aladin in Korea

Also available as an e-book through Amazon stores worldwide
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