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Problem words in English

Essential everyday words that can be hard to use

Problem words in EnglishProblem words in English
The vital everyday words that are hard to use

Andrew Rossiter - 2020 - new edition 2023
102 pages  ISBN-13:979 8851666582
Now available as ebook (click)  from just €2.99  $3.99 or £2.99

This book is not about confusable homonyms such as proceed or precede, loose and lose, compliment and complement; nor is it about a random bunch of supposedly “complicated” words which most English speakers and students will never need to use anyway. 

This book is about fifty or more of the most frequent but problematical words in English – words with multiple uses and meanings that make them a constant source of errors and misunderstandings for both native speakers and learners alike.


    It looks in detail at over fifty familiar - and mostly short - words which are not always easy to use, but nonetheless belong to the essential vocabulary of everyday English. Most of the “problem words” looked at in this book feature among the 300 most frequently used words in English, and some are even more unavoidable.  Nine of them – including that, as, do, all, there and their – are actually  among the 50 most frequently used words in English, which goes to show how important it is to master their usage.

    It also covers some of the tricky points of English vocabulary, including how to use hyphens, and using collective nouns (they are not used in the same way in British English and American English !) .

   Improving one's command and understanding of everyday communication in a language is not so much a matter of learning new words, but of fully understanding the meanings and use of the words that we most frequently encounter in our everyday English – particularly those with multiple uses or different meanings which are the subject of this book.

Author Dr. Andrew Rossiter, former head of Applied Languages at the University of Franche-Comté in Besançon, France, has over thirty years of experience teaching and explaining English grammar to intermediate and advanced-level learners of English.

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