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The Linguapress  pick - some great books for teachers and students

Formerly  a specialist high-street English bookshop in France, offering advice and English book sales to individuals, schools and universities,  Linguapress bookshop has returned to the Linguapress.com website, to showcase a choice of some of the best books and ebooks for teachers and students of English worldwide.  Books listed below can be bought online in the UK and worldwide via the global services of Amazon. 
The titles below represent just a small selection of top rated books, from among the many thousands of books available from Amazon's bookstores. While some are well known and best-sellers in their field, others notably those from smaller publishers, are less well-known, but not less interesting. Guide prices are noted for information purposes only but were correct at the time of writing: current prices may vary, as may prices in other currencies from other Amazon outlets.

Practical English Usage

Oxford.  768 pages. The classic English grammar first published in 1980. This is an A-Z encyclopedia of English grammar, a book for the very serious teacher or student that provides a lot of the answers to a lot of the questions... But obviously not all – there are just too many.
Guide prices : Hard cover £60, paperback £38.50

ESL Classroom activities for teens & adults

KDP - Createspace. 216 pages.  Originally published in 2009. Here's a really useful book for teachers who want to liven up their classes. It offers a large selection of interactive games and activities for the English class, with procedures and techniques for each.  Guide prices: E-book £6.33, paperback: £14.47 .

Grammar for English language teachers

Cambridge. 480 pages. Another well-established grammar book that is designed to provide teachers and trainee teachers with explanations of the main points of English grammar. Originally published in 2000.  Guide price : paperback  £33.99

Descriptive Grammar of English

Linguapress. 210 pages. The most recent of general English grammars targeted essentially at teachers and students. A thematic grammar that picks out the simple rules and explains them with clarity with many hundreds of examples. Available in paperback and ebook formats. Guide prices : E-book  £2.99  paperback £22.99

Hardback: £26

Handbook of spoken Grammar 

Delta  2012.  95 pages. This is one of the rare books available that look at and explain the distinctive grammar of spoken English. Written for students at intermediate level upwards, It has had some great reviews, and is useful for teachers and self study too.
Guide prices :  paperback £27.98

Teaching English grammar

Macmillan. 288 pages. This is a well-established handbook for teachers wanting to prepare grammar lessons. It is a grammar reference book, , designed to help teachers both understand grammar points and present them in class.
Guide price : paperback only  £27.90

English for business communication

Routledge 2020.  246 pages. This is a new textbook providing a full introduction to business English communication for students and professionals. It covers spoken and written communication, including the recent art of English for social media.
Guide prices : Hard cover £120, paperback £32.99, E-book £27.50

A Background to English

Linguapress.  NEW  - 2023. 112 pages. A cultural reader for B1and low B2 level English. Twenty-seven texts with background to British and American culture and life, with vocabulary guides, exercises and audio. Guide price -  paperback : £11.99

A Course in English Language Teaching

Cambridge. 336 pages. An introduction to English language teaching, for teachers in a variety of educational settings, including high school. Latest edition is  updated to cover new topics including English as an international language. Ideal for initial teacher training and as a reference guide for practising teachers. Originally published in 1996. Guide price. paperback only £24.30

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

Longman. 2224 pages.  First published in 1976, now in its 6th edition,  the LDOCE is considered by many to remain the best in its category of dictionaries for advanced learners of English. Particularly noted for the clarity and simplicity of explanations. Very full
Guide price :   paperback   £39.07 - Other formats may be available.

Key Words for Fluency - Pre-Intermediate Collocation Practice 

Heinle  2005.  200 pages. This book is designed to help teachers and students with the art of fluency in English. It's not about learning lots of new vocabulary, but learning how to make the most out of basic vocabulary.  Native speakers mostly express themselves using relatively few words, but using them in many different ways and collocations.
Guide prices :  paperback £16.63

The Only Business Writing Book You'll Ever Need

Norton, 2019.. 192 pages. A very well reviewed guide to writing English for business purposes, illustrated with plenty of examples. It covers a wide range of contexts including e-mail, thank-you notes, apologies, performance reviews,  and plenty more. Guide price.  Hardcover £17.99

Know a really good book for teachers or learners of English, particularly one that is not so well known ? If so, let us know and we'll check it out.

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