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A Background to modern America

A cultural reader for  advanced-level English

Background to modern America.

A Background to Modern America, 

    United in diversity

A cultural reader for advanced level English - CEFR levels B2+ to C1 

   Advanced level English reading texts, with exercises and answers

Author: Andrew Rossiter.  Published: 2023

Paperback and hardback  

 ISBN-13: 9798851059773   paperback
  9782958385514   hardback

Available from Amazon , Barnes & Noble (USA), Blackwell'sWaterstones , John Smith (UK) Smith and son (France) and  good bookstores worldwide

    *  Upper B2 - mid C1 level texts,  lengths 800 to 1100 words.
    *  Vocabulary guides with each text
    *  Audio texts with American voices
    *  Up to five exercises with each text.
    *  Answers to exercises
    *  Tips for teachers

"The essence of America is an idea - and what an idea it is! "

The USA is a country that fascinates people throughout the world, particularly younger generations. It is a country that many want to know more about, many want to visit, and where many would love to study.

It is a country we see almost daily on our television screens, on our computers, on our phones, on billboards or in adverts, a country that is rarely out of the news - be it good news or bad news - from one day to the next.

More than any other country, it has crafted for itself a reputation for freedom, democracy and openness.  Hailed since the nineteenth century as the "melting pot of nations", and more recently as the champion of diversity and civil rights, it has an image like that of no other country on Earth.  But how accurate is the image, how did it come about?

Rather than provide direct answers to these two questions, this book is a collection of tableaux in advanced-level English, illustrating the makings of modern America,  key people, places, lifestyles and events that have helped make the United States what they are today  -  in all their diversity.

While written primarily for learners of English in high school or college, this book will also prove useful in other learning contexts, and even for general interest reading. Each unit is made up of a text, accompanied by a glossary and exercises for use in class or for private study.

Units include texts on...  Native Americans  –  American democracy  –  Harriet Tubman  –   American and Chinese  –  Life in Anytown, USA  –  Skyscrapers  –  Elvis Presley  and a lot more...

For the table of contents, see the "Read sample" feature on Amazon

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