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Art & artists CROSSWORD

 thematic vocabulary puzzle

Expand your vocabulary - a thematic crossword for students of English as a foreign language, or English as a second language. You should know much, but not all, of the vocabulary required for this crossword, but you may need to use a dictionary.  Clues below.
Interactive crossword - can be filled in on screen. Put in just one letter per square.
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21 advanced-level English crossword


1.    Large public building where the Romans practiced martial arts.

7.    A drawing, a plan to be followed.

9.    A quick picture, sometimes used as a model for a more "finished" piece.

10.    Painting done on a wall.

12.    What this crossword is about.

13.    The opposite of "figurative" in art.

16.    Picture of a person.

17.    A painter's workshop.

20.    The art of  moving to music.

21.    Something that an artist does with a brush.


1.  Preposition hidden in "old master".

2.  Person who knows a great deal about a particular subject, such as antiques.

3.  Two letter that often follow a date (example: 1650... ...)

4.  Product of the art of the cinema.

5.  Water-colours are usually done ...... paper.

6.  Artist who works with clay, or stone, or bronze, etc.

8.  Temporary displays of works of art.

9.   Figures in stone, or bronze, for example.

11. Public ............. were very hostile when the new pictures were put on show.

14. A type of play which is sad.

15. The art capital of Britain.

18. Nothing to do with art, this one; or do the British have a special art, when it comes to making this drink?

19. Instrument used with ink.


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