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 Communications CROSSWORD

Communications  - thematic vocabulary EFL resource

Expand your vocabulary - a thematic crossword for students of English as a foreign language, or English as a second language. You should know much, but not all, of the vocabulary required for this crossword, so you may need to use a dictionary.

Communications crossword


6  A book to help you communicate in your own language or a foreign language.
8 The part of a page where people usually begin reading.
10. These are used to record still or moving images.
12. You need to ______ a language if you want to communicate in it.
13. Large sheet of paper, often pictorial, used for advertising.
15. What reporters write.
17. _______ - optic cables carry a lot more information than copper ones.
19. Computer information is transmitted at speeds measured in bits ____ second.
20. Cost paid to a consultant for his services.
21. They often write their names on the backs of envelopes
23. Preposition that precedes
an author’s name.
24. Single small advertisement.
25. Fiction, tales?


1. Small advertisements.
2. Cinemas have them, so do televisions.
3. News that everyone is talking about is _____ news.
4. This machine is still used by professionals to record sounds, but is no longer used in everyday life.
5. Every secretary used to have one.
7. American Broadcasting Corporation.
9. Technology used in professional or office printers.

11. Make a sound louder.
14. Say again.
16. Write with one of these.
18. If you receive a letter, you usually _______ it.
22. Communication sent out by the Titanic after she
hit the iceberg.

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