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Thematic vocabulary EFL resource

Expand your vocabulary - a thematic crossword for students of English as a foreign language, or English as a second language. All the answers have something to do with Britain
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British crossword


1.    What many people in Britain read at breakfast. 

7.    Tree very common in Scotland.

8.    It can be Sterling, or a weight.

10.  London railway sometimes known as the "tube". 

2.    National Trust (initials).

13.  To _____ out means to erase, to make something disappear.

16.    Britain's national symbolic animal.

17.    Charles's title; Andrew's too.

19.    The general name given to Britain's health and social security system.

22.    Common university qualification; or an airline!

23.    A member of the British aristocracy.

24.    Traditional British summer sport.

27.    Popular drink sold in pubs.

28.    Pronoun.

29.    Sport using horses and dogs; a very traditional English country sport. 

30.    The person who manages operations in the House of Commons..


1.    Traditional unit of liquid, used for beer or milk. 

2.    Fish ....... chips.

3.    Member of the nobility.

4.    Famous ball game invented at an English school.

5.    Acronym of "I owe you".

6.    Same as 2 down.

8.    The Queen is head of state, but she has no ..........

9.    British flag (5,4) 

11.   The traditional drink of the Navy. 

14.   Ceremonial guard at the Tower of London.

15.   Britain has great reserves of this black rock.

17.   A tart upside down! 

18.   Another word for a black taxi.

19.   They come from Wales. 

20.  The Grand National and the Derby are both .......

21.   County.

25.   Travelling salesman (abbreviation). 

26.    Female sheep.      

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