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Described in a recent review of ESL websites as "an absolute goldmine", Linguapress offers hundreds of open-access resources which are absolutely free to use by students and teachers alike.

Graded reading texts

Grouped under the categories Advanced (median CEF levels C1) and Intermediate (mostly CEF levels B1 and B2), Linguapress graded reading texts come with vocabulary guides, interactive worksheets, teacher notes and in many cases audio accompaniment.
   Reading texts on are for the most part culturally relevant, relating to life and times in the USA, the UK and other English-speaking countries. They cover topical issues,  institutions, society, people, history and music. They also include original short stories from writers in the UK, the USA and New Zealand, as well as texts on technical topics, texts on the environment, dialogues and some interviews. In short, they offer a good range of texts on a wide spectrum of topics, from writers in the UK and the USA.


 Some of the more popular items on are accompanied by audio recordings, with a selection of American and British voices.


  The worksheets that accompany almost all the reading texts on offer a big variety of different types of exercise. The majority of the worksheets are interactive, meaning that the exercises can be done by students on their computers or phones, or else can be done on screen in classrooms equipped with a connected whiteboard. These comprehension exercises can of course also be done in more traditional ways, using pen and paper or a blackboard. For the advanced level reading resources, Linguapress provides an index of exercises allowing teachers to select items that offer a particular type of exercise or an exercise treating specific points of grammar or vocabulary-based exercises.

Grammar offers a full and freely accessible guide to English grammar, clearly explained and richly illustrated. These grammar pages are also available in book form - e-book or print book - for students and teachers who want access to a readily accessible grammar book.
  There is also a small but growing selection of online interactive grammar exercises, with answers and explanations.

Word games

 The most popular word games on are the thematic vocabulary crosswords (intermediate crosswords and advanced crosswords). These are not designed to be easy, their aim is to help students check and develop vocabulary on a range of topics, including travel, home, school, nature, sport, business, art and a lot more. Accompanying the themed crosswords are a selection of other word games, covering proverbs, metaphors, word-building and other general vocabulary games.


And it's all free - free to use at home, free to use in class... but please not to copy. Linguapress resources remain the copyright of, and are, NOT free to copy to other publically accessible websites without prior authorisation.

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