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Short stories in English

Very short stories in graded English for class and for home

A choice of short short stories for school, college and home study. Texts in graded English, mostly under 1000 words, with worksheets and classroom ideas for teachers, for use with intermediate and advanced EFL / ESL

Short stories - advanced English

Short stories - intermediate English,  teenage fiction

© Unless otherwise indicated, short stories referenced on this page are protected by copyright - Linguapress and individual authors.

Teachers, writers ? Got a good short story you'd like us to publish?
If so, let us know

Short stories must be your own ©  original work.
Linguapress is also interested in publishing good short stories by established writers whose works are in the public domain, and welcomes suggestions. To be in the public domain, works must be by a writer who died over 70 years ago.

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Discover a selection of Linguapress intermediate short stories, with worksheets and teaching ideas, in

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