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Verbs in English

What are they and how are they used ?

A Practice Grammar of English Verbs - by Andrew Rossiter
Explanations, examples, exercises and answers - 2023
99 pages - workbook format  7 x 10 inches (17.8 x 25.4 cm)

This is a practical grammar workbook about verbs.
Designed for EFL / ESL learners from intermediate level upwards, it is also suitable for native English speakers wanting to improve their writing skills and their understanding of grammar.
Bringing together - point by point - clear explanations, useful examples and practice exercises, it provides a practical overview of all the main features and uses of verbs in English.

Verbs are among the essential building blocks of communication in any language.

In English, every sentence must have a verb. Without a verb, a sentence is meaningless.... and more importantly, with a wrongly-used verb, a sentence is likely to be either meaningless, or ambiguous, or npnsense.

Each sentence, and each clause,  is made up of a subject and a predicate, and the verb  is the essential element in the predicate, which can contain many other elements too (a complement, an object or more, adverbs, circumstantial expressions, etc.). In most statements the verb of a sentence or a clause follows the subject, though there are some exceptions. In questions the subject normally comes in the middle of the verb, as in  How do you do?

Transitive or intransitive?

Verbs can either be transitive or intransitive.  A transitive verb requires an object, an intransitive verb cannot have an object.  Some verbs can be transitive or intransitive, depending on context. ... But verbs haveother qualities too.... some are stative, others are dynamic. Verbs are used in two voices, the active and the passive... and in lots of different tenses.

There are also the sticky questions of modal verbs and phrasal verbs,  points that regularly cause problems for learners of English and even for native speakers.

All these points are now explained in simple terms in Andrew Rossiter's new Practice Grammar of English Verbs, published in 2023 as a practical companion workbook to the author's widely acclaimed Descriptive Grammar of English, and available worldwide from Amazon as an e-book or paperback.

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