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While all the content on Linguapress.com is for teachers as well as for students, here is an index of the pages on Linguapress.com that are aimed specifically at English language teachers.

Teaching English - pedagogical theory and practice

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   Free online ESL / EFL resources
A small selection of resources in graded English available on Linguapress.com
Selected pages
Advanced level reading : a selection
Who killed Martin Luther King?
with audio
USA - Nevada's extraterrestrials
USA - The man who made America
A rose by any other name - words and meaning
with audio
The Queen who almost wasn't
with audio
Mississippi Music
with audio
Advanced level short stories:
A few good reasons
with audio
And lots more:  More advanced reading texts  
Intermediate resources :
Alcohol, prohibition and Al Capone
Is Britain really different ?
with audio
Who is James Bond ?
Sport: Sports, American style
Big red London buses
with audio
USA: Who was Buffalo Bill?
with audio
USA:  Still looking for gold...
And more:  More intermediate reading texts  


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