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Thematic vocabulary EFL resource

Expand your vocabulary - a thematic crossword for students of English . Nearly all the answers to this crossword have something to do with people and their jobs. Use a dictionary to help you, if you don't think you can manage without one.

Geographical crossword

1. Title of the man or woman you go to see when you are not well. 

3. He delivers letters. 

8. He is like no. 1.; but he is not normally a specialist in physics. 

9. You might want no.1 or no.8 when you are this ! 

12. A person who is in the army. 

13. Slang for a policeman. 

15. People who work in offices, normally ladies. 

18. What schookrnasters do. 

19. A man of the church, OR a top man in the government 

20. Public relations. 

21. Britain's air force


1. Same job as 7 down,  but one who usually travels. (common abbreviation) 

3. A man who tries to cure minds. 

4. Man or woman who works on a ship.. 

5. A female servant. 

6. They live in convents. 

7. They sell things. 

10. He writes at a desk, or works in a bank, for example. 

11. The man who is in charge. 

14. Someone who works under water. 

15. Man for whom a father will try to find a job ! 

16. A professional cook. 

17. Form of address you might use when talking to no. 11. 

18. Abbreviation of detective 

19. A person who is elected to a seat in the House of Commons.

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