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 Financial CROSSWORD

Everyone needs money; it's very difficult to do without it. And money is something we all use every day. Financial vocabulary is not just for financiers and economists; it's for you – students, tourists, employers and employees. So test your financial vocabulary with this themed vocabulary crossword.

Financial crossword


1. The name of the British currency.

3. Direction in which prices always seem to go.

9  Act to reduce the international value of a currency .

10. Verification of a company's accounts. 

12. A negative balance of money

13. Take action.

16.  A man (or woman) who works in a bank.

19.  Money which is lent.

20.  Commerce.

21. Twenty-four hours.

22. Bandits may want to ______ a bank.

23.  American word for banknotes


2. List of prices.

3.  If you are "in the _____ " you have a negative amount of money in your bank account..

4. Money placed in order to earn interest.

5. A valuable metal .

6. Money that you can use though you may not actually have it.

8. Unit of British currency.

11. The national "___________" : the financial system of a country, and its operation.

14.  Reduce

15. It carries a portrait of George Washington.

16.  A type of financial holding - but nothing to do with 007.

17. Street in which the US stock exchange is situated.

18. Money charged by lawyers or other professionals, for service or advice.

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