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Printable resources for EFL / ESL -  easier than PDF

Printing documents from the Linguapress archive of graded English texts

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On screen or on paper

When Linguapress first began putting resources on line in 2002, the Internet was still young, and the only way to make sure that a text printed out properly as a document for use in class, was to use PDF.  Things have changed, and today internet resources can be designed to print correctly or coherently directly from a web page. The Linguapress archive has been fully upgraded and updated to make resources not just "cross-platform" and "responsive" - meaning that they can be viewed equally well on a PC, a laptop or even a smart phone; but  also easy to print.

Printer-friendly documents - better than PDF

Pages on which you see a message such as "Page ready for printing"  (as on this page, top left) can be printed out by simply sending the document to a printer.  This will print out just the actual article or short story, plus the student worksheet and teacher notes. Nothing else.... which is generally more useful for teachers than PDF documents or screen saves that may print out everything on the page.

In as many cases as possible this will produce classroom-ready documents, with the article, the student worksheet and teaching tips all printing on separate pages.
   However, since there is not complete standardisation between Internet browsers, the result will be slightly different depending on the browser you use.  Linguapress's "printer-friendly documents" are optimised for the Firefox browser, which is generally popular in the world of education. They will print with the printer options set to show colour, and at 100%. They will also print with the printer options set to "shrink to fit" and in black and white.
   They will also print well from the Chrome browser; however, the Chrome browser may not support the "page-break" instruction, so for many documents the student worksheets simply print at the end of the article, as seen on the screen, instead of starting a new page.

In due course, all of the Linguapress reading resources will be made fully printer-friendly.
In the meantime, most other articles will print successfully as a printed version of what you see on the screen – complete with the side columns.

Grammar topics

 Linguapress Grammar pages are specifically designed for viewing on-screen : they are all "responsive", so  students can view them on smartphones as easily as on a PC in the classroom. While they are not designed to be printed, they can be printed using standard browsers.
   Alternatively the Linguapress Descriptive Grammar of English is now available worldwide from Amazon as an e-book, as a  paperback, or in a hardcover edition which should be on the shelves of every high-school and language-school library. Just click the ad to be taken to your local Amazon store.  The hardback edition is available through Barnes & Noble in the USA, and Waterstones in the UK. The Linguapress Grammar is also available in French

Using articles and stories in the language class

For more about how to used printed articles and short stories in the language class, see the Linguapress guide to  Reading comprehension : working with written texts

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Page ready for printing

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