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How much do you know about the most famous of Americans? Obama, Trump, Lincoln, Nixon, Gates, Monroe and more....
Choose the correct answer for each of the following statements:

president1.    The first President of the United States was: (a) Abraham Lincoln, (b) Thomas Jefferson (c) George Washington.

2.    John F. Kennedy was president for (a) less than three years (b) over five years (c) almost four years.

3.    Which of the following American presidents was forced to resign?
    (a) F.D.Roosevelt, (b) Jimmy Carter  (c) Richard Nixon.

4.    The richest man in America in 2021 was; (a) Jeff Bezos, (b) Donald Trump, (c) Bill Gates.

5.    Al Capone, probably America's most famous gangster, operated in (a) Chicago, (b) New York, (c) Boston.

6.    The first man to set foot on the moon was (a) John Glenn (b) Neil Armstrong  (c) Glen Miller (d) Louis Armstrong  .
marilyn7. Only one of the following was not assassinated; which one? (a) Martin Luther King  (b) John Kennedy  (c) Robert Kennedy (d) Michael Jackson.

8.    One man is accepted as being the father of the American automobile industry; which one? (a) Pierre Chevrolet, (b) Harley Davidson, (c) Henry Ford.

9.    The real name of the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature, Bob Dylan,  was (a) Erwin Drumheller, (b) Robert Zimmermann, (c) Randolph Hearst.

10.    Marilyn Monroe once sang "Happy Birthday" to an American president; was it (a) Ronald Reagan, (b) Barack Obama, or (c) J.F.Kennedy?

11.  Who was the founder of CNN television?  a) Charles Nicolas Nicholson ,  b)  Ted Turner,   c) Donald Trump   d) Walt Disney ?

12.  Which (if any)  of these film stars was never  governor of the State of California ?  a) Clint Eastwood    b)  Arnold Schwarzenegger, c) Ronald Reagan.


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