A thematic guide to Britain

A guide to Britain for visitors and students – its life,
its sites and sights, and its culture.


A thematic guide to the United Kingdom

Essential information for planning a visit to Britain. About-Britain.com is a site that brings together together on a single website four types of thematically-organised information
Essential travel & tourism information 
Where to go and what to see, useful for people planning a visit to Britain or a holiday in the UK.
Accidents and emergencies
Using pounds and pennies
Budget tourism - Britain on the cheap
Driving in Britain
Travel by train in Britain
Visitor accommodation
Britain's main attractions
Food and eating in Britain
English pubs
British Institutions
Deeper background information, clearly explained. For students and for general interest, pages covering aspects of British society and institutions
The British constitution
The British parliament
Political parties in Britain
The National Health Service
Britain, UK, England - what's what?
Local government in Britain
The regions of England
Cities and countryside
Ideas for visiting Britain's cities, London and other cities, and discovering the countryside and coastline
Visiting London
London for free
Getting round in London
Shopping in London
Other great cities in England
Oxford and Cambridge
Best places to visit in southeast England
Best places to visit in central southern England
Discover the South West of England
Sites & heritage in the East of England
England's coasts and seasides
The English countryside
Major attractions by theme
Some of the best and finest places to visit in Britain,
Best prehistoric sites in Britain
Best art galleries in Britain
Mediaeval cathedrals in England
Steam heritage railways
Living history open air museums
Ten best zoos in Britain

Britain is one of Europe's major tourist destinations, particularly for people from other English-speaking countries; and thanks to the importance of the English language as a world language, Britain is a country whose culture, language, life and ways are studied by millions of students worldwide.
    There is, on the Internet, a wealth of information on Britain – some of it full, some of it interesting, but also a lot of it confusing and hard to find.

    Launched in 2014, About-Britain.com is currently under development, and new pages are being added as soon as they are ready. Eventually, About-Britain.com will be as extensive as our partner site About-France.com, founded ten years earlier.

For general and tourist information on other countries, see About-France.com  and About-Spain.net

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