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Clear English Grammar - Table of contents 


Other parts of speech

The English language

The noun phrase

Sentences and clauses

Specific difficulties


The Linguapress English grammar provides an overview of the main points of English grammar, clearly explained, with plenty of  examples. These pages are designed for students in the higher grades of secondary education or high school, and in universities and other forms of higher education. Though originally aimed at non-native speakers of English, this is also an invaluable resource for English-speaking students wishing to comprehend the syntax and workings of their own language.
     Compared to many other languages, English is a language whose grammar is relatively straightforward – which is certainly one of the reasons why it has been able to become established as a world language. English is a language in which it is fairly easy to communicate, even without understanding much of its grammar; much of the basic grammar of English is intuitive, making it easy to express basic ideas without ever having studied its grammar.
     But using a language properly is more than just knowing how to communicate: it is knowing how to communicate with precision, without ambiguity, and in a form that others can understand. Most native English speakers do this fairly easily, without having ever learned the rules. But rules of grammar exist, and for those learning English as a foreign language and for English-speakers wishing to understand the workings of their own language, some understanding of the essential rules of English grammar is necessary.  The Linguapress online English seeks to explain these rules and principles as clearly and as coherently as possible.

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