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Problem words and smaller grammar points - index

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The tricky points of English

Problem words and expressions - index
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Some of the difficult words that often cause problems for learners of English

  1. All and whole - and how to use them in English
  2. Both, either and neither  Common mistakes and clear rules
  3. Each and every - usage and differences
  4. Enough : adjective, pronoun or adverb.
  5. Hyphens - when to join words with a hyphen in English
  6. Since ::  how to know if it implies time or cause.
  7. So and its different uses   A word with a several functions.
  8. Still, yet, already & again : how to avoid confusing these words
  9. Such : used as an adjective or a preposition
  10. There, their or they're  ..  avoiding mistakes.
  11. This, that, the ones as demonstratives, etc.  which to use, and when.
  12. Used to - the auxiliary of terminated action or habit

Some controversial points of English grammar

  1. Split infinitives: are they good grammar?
  2. The present perfect tense  Present tense or past tense?
  3. Collective nouns: singular or plural ?

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