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Fill in the blanks: quantifiers - some or any

Is it some, some of, any or any of ?   Fill in the appropriate word(s) in each of the following sentences.
Include your name, if you are going to print your answers and give them to your teacher.

Student's  name (optional)  : 
  1. I think there are    pencils in that box.
  2.    the pencils in that box are green.
  3. I don't think there are  good actors in that film.
  4. Are there   seats left on the nex train to London ?
  5. I can't answer  these questions .
  6. I'm going to stay with    friends in Oxford.
  7. I'm going to stay with   my friends in Cambridge.
  8. The star didn't want    reporters to know where he was staying.
  9. Don't you like     the DVDs I leant you ?.
  10. I don't think that   the glasses got broken.
  11. Did you see that there were soldiers in the street.
  12. I think that    these young people are students, but others are not. .
Problems ? Check out the rules for using some and any
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