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Grammar tests and quizzes - check your knowledge of English grammar

1. Verbs 

Test how well you can use verbs in English
  1. Present tenses test  - 1. A self-correcting multiple-choice test , with answers and explanations   Do the test
  2. Past tenses test  -   A self-correcting multiple-choice test , with answers. Do the test
  3. Negative forms of verbs  -  A multiple choice test, with printable results page. Do the test
  4. Infinitive or gerund (ing form) ?  - Which form is needed for the second of two consecutive verbs?   Do the test
  5. Tag questions  -  A self-correcting multiple choice test, with error analysis and printable results page. Do the test
  6. English irregular verbs - An irregular verb test to accompany the simple intermediate level article English Ghost Stories. Article and test

Other parts of speech

Grammar tests on other points.
  1. Definite article usage quiz.  In which cases is a determiner required, impossible, or optional?  An online multiple choice test with answers and explanations. Printable
  2. Still yet or already - Which is it ?  An online multiple-choice test. With answers.
  3. Quantifiers test  An online multiple-choice quiz, with optional answers. Printable
  4. Some or any ? Fill in the blanks, as required. No answers.
        With  printable student reply-sheets for use in class.  Do the test
  5. Prepositions  Complete the sentences using the most appropriate prepositions. This exercise accompanies an advanced level English article on Ellis Island, which may or for some students should be read first. Do the test
  6. Word endings : Fill in the missing endings on a variety of words. Accompanies the advanced level article on Stephen Hawking. Do the test

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