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Grammar test : Quantifiers

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Interactive - Test yourself - quantifiers - English grammar practice

Multiple choice exercise : Quantifiers - some, some of, any, no, none

Select the correct quantifier -  some   some of   any   no   none - for each of the 12 sentences below
Write the correct answer in the box, or select it with your mouse and slide it into the box.
IMPORTANT: If you want the computer to correct your answers accurately, you must write or select only the word(s) in red, with no spaces before or after. 

Student's name (optional)   : 
  1. Mr. and Mrs. Brown have got    very clever children. 
  2.   the students in my class come from Australia. 
  3. I have got a big problem; I haven't  got   money left .
  4. He likes    kinds of music, but he hates others.  
  5. You can hire your car from    company you like. 
  6. I'd rather have just £5 in the bank, than   money at all. 
  7.   students who want to take the exam again must sign up on line. 
  8. It's a good exhibition, and there are    very interesting pictures . 
  9. I think I need to drink    coffee, or I may go to sleep. 
  10. I don't think that     of the passengers were hurt in the accident. 
  11. I'ts OK !   of the children have got lost. 
  12. It is quite certain that there are icebergs in the Mediterranean. 

Your completed test
should show up in a new window.
If it does, you can return to your original answers as often as you want and correct them if necessary.

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