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Using still again yet and already in English - a quiz

Distinguishing between still and always and yet and again and already 

Ideal for teachers and students...
Still and yet, again and already and even always, not to mention no longer or no more, are words which often cause trouble for students of English. It's often because because other  languages do not have the same choice of word as English does, and one word may cover different meanings;  French encore, Spanish todavía and German noch, for example, can be either "still" or "yet", and  encore and noch can also mean "again", and sometimes even "always" or "already" in English.  Note the essential usage rules as indicated in the table below, then do the tesxt.

A reminder of the rules....

Affirmative context Negative context Interrogative context
(Non)-commenced action not yet yet
Continuing action still no longer, (not still) still
Terminated action already no longer yet / already
Repeated action again again again

Multiple-choice quiz 

Check if you have mastered this. Here is a short multiple choice test:

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