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Multiple choice exercise : tag questions

Select the correct answer for each of the 12 questions below
Write the correct answer in the box, or select it with your mouse and slide it into the box.
Take care : For the needs of the exercise, all 12 sentences take normal classic tags, not "true question" tags.

Student's name (optional)   : 
  1. Tom Cruise's last film was not his best,   was it / wasn't it / was'nt it / it wasn't   ?
  2. He studied at Cambridge university,  did not he / he didn't / studied he / didn't he ?
  3. Ian Fleming wrote the James Bond books,  wasn't he / wrote he not / didn't he / wrote not he ?
  4. My parents won't like that idea,   will they / will it / won't they  / will not they ? 
  5. You've told the committee about the problems that are coming,    haven't you / have you / aren't they / did you ?
  6. One can't leave a child in a car all alone,   is one / can't leave /  can't one / can one ? 
  7. You really hate cold weather,   do you / don't we / don't you / hate you ?
  8. He could be about to ask her to marry him,   couldn't he / won't he / can he / will he ?.
  9. You heard what he told you to do,   didn't I, weren't you / didn't you / wasn't I ?.
  10. You won't have completed the crossword before lunch,  have you / haven't you / will you / won't you ?
  11. They're planning to go to a family reunion in Australia,  aren't they / don't they / are they / will they ?
  12. You really ought to have put on a clean shirt,  were'nt you / were you / ought you / didn't you / oughtn't you ?

Your completed test should show up in a new window.
If it does, you can return to your original answers as often as you want and correct them if necessary.

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