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Definite article or no article ?  

The definite article the is the most common determiner used in English.
For the rules on when a determiner is required, and when no determiner is required, see the Linguapress English Grammar page on Count and non-count nouns
  • Write the article the in each box whenever it is necessary.  
  • Write  0  (the figure zero) if no article is possible.
  • Write the or 0  if you think that there is a choice - either solution is possible.
Important: you must write exactly one of the three choices indicated in red. If you write something different, even slightly diffrerent, your computer will not detect the right answer !

Student's name (optional)   : 
  1. Peter lives in   biggest house on our street .
  2.   arithmetic is something that all children have to study 
  3. I don't like    way in which he shouts at people.
  4. Can you please tell me  time ?.  
  5. It's a well known fact that   cigarettes are bad for your health. . 
  6. All   students have to pass their exams. 
  7.   students who want to take the exam again must sign up on line. 
  8. He doesn't ever drink   coffee . 
  9.     words that he used to describe his brother were quite unfriendly. 
  10. I'm surprised that train to New York actually departed on time.
  11. Most of the moving parts of this engine are made out of   steel. 
  12. Unfortunately,  steel that they used was of low quality. 
  13. I think that   water in the swimming pool is too cold . 
  14.   children are going out with their aunt this afternoon .
  15. It's rather a pity that my husband doesn't like   dogs. 
  16. He spent his life selling  rather expensive cars. 

Your completed test should show up in a new window.
If it does, you can return to your original answers as often as you want and correct them if necessary.

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