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Multiple choice questions: verbs in the negative :

Choose the only correct option from the alternatives suggested for each of the 12 negative sentences below.
Select and slide the correct answer into the box, or retype it exactly in the box 

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  1. My brother   likes not / doesn't like / is not liking / don't liking  eating meat
  2. The man in the car  not wore / not was wearing / wore not/ was not wearing a hat
  3. I've read the book but I  not have seen / didn't have seen / saw not / haven't seen the movie.
  4. The man   not lost / did not lost / did not lose any of his money..
  5. He lost the match because he  played not / did not play / not played well.
  6. That man over there   has not / doesn't have / does not has any money.
  7. They could hear him, but they  not could see / could not see him.
  8. The President   has not finished / not has finished / does not have finished speaking.
  9. The film    not finishes / finishes not / does not finish /  before midnight .
  10. You should read this book, but you  ought not to / not ought to / do not ought to read that one.
  11. They said that they  not might be / might be not / might not be ready in time.
  12. Listen ! The birds  not singing / are not singing / not are singing any more.
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