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Compared to some languages, English uses relatively few endings: but the endings on words are important. Some are verbal, others nominal, others adjectival or adverbial. In this slightly adapted extract from the Linguapress advanced-level English article on Stephen Hawking, the endings of many words have been omitted..... Without referring back to the article, try to put in all the correct endings

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    Stephen Hawking was born in Oxford, the son of a special in tropic medicine, and natur perhaps, given the circumstances, he became interest in science at a very young age. By the time he was 15, he had decid to become a physic, because phys, as he said, was the most fundament of the sciences.
    After three years at Oxford Univers, when, as he himself admit, he did not work very hard, Hawking got a first class degree in natur sciences; he then move on to do postgradu study in cosmology at the univers of Cambridge. He seem to be destin to a brilliant future.
    However it was at this point that doctors diagnos Stephen as suffer from motor neurone disease, a crippl ill that usu leads rapid to death. Doctors could see no reason why he would be any different from other suffer, and he was told that he had little hope of liv beyond the age of 25; it looked as if the fine mind of his gener was about to be snuff out.
    This was not to be the case.  Against all the odds, Hawking complet his doctor at Cambridge, then went on to a research post, first in the Institute of Astronomy, and then in the Depart of Appli Mathemat and Theoret Phys.
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