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Multiple choice questions: verbs in the negative :

Choose the only correct option from the alternatives suggested for each of the 12 negative sentences below.

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  1. My brother   likes not / doesn't like / is not liking / don't liking  eating meat
  2. The man in the car  not wore / not was wearing / wore not/ was not wearing a hat
  3. I've read the book but I  not have seen / didn't have seen / saw not / haven't seen the movie.
  4. The man   not lost / did not lost / did not lose any of his money..
  5. He lost the match because he  played not / did not play / not played well.
  6. That man over there   has not / doesn't have / does not has any money.
  7. They could hear him, but they  not could see / could not see him.
  8. The President   has not finished / not has finished / does not have finished speaking.
  9. The film    not finishes / finishes not / does not finish /  before midnight .
  10. You should read this book, but you  ought not to / not ought to / do not ought to read that one.
  11. They said that they  not might be / might be not / might not be ready in time.
  12. Listen ! The birds  not singing / are not singing / not are singing any more.
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